Horizons Church
Friday, June 23, 2017

Groups Leaders

Led by: Pastor Rich Pennington
Healthy, long-term relationships make life work well  being part of a network of good friends provides us with strength, confidence, and joy.  Nothing else gives us such incredible, life-altering experiences as being deeply and positively connected with other people.
You can find this in the small group ministry of Horizons Church that we call Small Groups.  Our groups are as unique as the people who lead them.  Take your common interest and turn it into a way to connect with other people.
We are always looking to add new groups, and you may be exactly the right person to lead one.
The following ministry positions are currently available for volunteers:

Group Leader
Lead a group of people around a common interest or topic.  Must be a facilitator and care for others.  Involves weekly contact with people in the group.
Group Host House
Provide your home for small groups to meet in.