Horizons Church
Tuesday, June 27, 2017

About Jim

Jim Black has been at Horizons since 2003.  He has been working with kids since 1995, and he has a degree in Children's Ministry from Northwest University.  He is also Horizons' video and tech guy, although he has no formal training and claims to be "winging it" most of the time.
Jim is from Detroit, and he is a die-hard fan of all his hometown teams, no matter how much some of them try to break his blindly-loyal heart.  When he's not root-root-rooting for the home teams, he is playing video games, watching movies, reading comic books, and buying action figures.  He is the envy of 9-year-olds everywhere.
Jim's wife, Mikki, is a teacher at Colonial Forge High School, and together they have two kids, Annie & Jimmy, and two dogs, Bill (rottweiler) & Daisy (english bulldog).
His main goal in ministry is to make sure that church is fun and that God's message is shared with as much creativity as possible.