Horizons Church
Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Core Values

We believe that we must pray because everything begins with, ends with, and depends on God.
  • We believe each believer must pray daily
  • We believe the church must gather together for corporate prayer
  • We believe prayer is powerful and effective
We believe that all people matter to God and therefore matter to us.
  • We believe people are more important than buildings
  • We believe in relationship evangelism
We believe that loving relationships should permeate church life.
  • We believe we have a biblical responsibility to ensure that people are nurtured and cared for
Small Groups
We believe that small groups are vital for a healthy church.
  • We believe the life of the church is lived out within the context of small groups (Life Groups)
  • We believe small groups are a lifestyle, not a program
We believe in a commitment to excellence that honors God and inspires others.
  • We believe all activities in our church should be organized and purpose-driven
We believe in the value of relevance while maintaining doctrinal integrity.
  • We believe the Bible is our sole source in matters of doctrine and personal conduct
  • We believe artistic ministry is an important component to reaching the current generation with the gospel
We believe the church should operate as a community of servants stewarding their spiritual gifts.
  • We believe in equipping individuals and assisting them in the process of gift discovery
  • We believe in the value of teamwork and synergy and that we must partner with other churches or organizations to advance the kingdom of God
  • We believe in an emphasis of ministering to the family
We believe in authentic, God-honoring worship.
  • We believe the expression of our worship must be authentic and balanced
  • We believe worship is more than singing songs, but all that we are and what we do