Mission Statement

We exist to empower people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

Who We Are

  1. We are a church of the Gospel and the Bible.
  2. We are a praying church that is Spirit-led.
  3. We are a church that fosters environments that help people take their next steps.
  4. We are a church that is a fusion of modern experiences and timeless expressions.
  5. We are a church that emphasizes ministry to the entire family, all together and uniquely to adults, students and kids.

What We Value

  1. Next Steps because none of us are there yet.
  2. Teams because we is better than me.
  3. Groups because Faith grows in community.
  4. Love because God loves us where we are.
  5. Honor because motives are as important as actions.
  6. Yesterday & Tomorrow because greatness occurs when wisdom and innovation unite.
  7. Impact because making an eternal difference matters.
  8. Discovering Purpose because ultimate meaning is found in your God given why.