Our youth (6th-12th grade) worship with the adults in the main sanctuary on Sunday mornings. Our Youth Service is held on Sunday nights from 6-8pm.

All of our volunteers are members of, or regularly attend, Horizons Church.  Further, all volunteers must complete an application and pass a thorough background check.

Youth Volunteer

Youth volunteers help make Sunday nights a place where students want to be. Volunteers can help in many ways and in different positions. You can be assured that whether you are helping in the sound and lights booth, being a small group leader, or even on the greeter team you will know that you are helping each student embrace Christ in their everyday lives – starting with you!

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in serving in Youth Ministry below and someone will be in contact with you within 72 hours.

Area of Interest:
Have you attended Discover?

*If you have not yet attended Discover (previously known as "Introduction to Horizons") you will need to do so. Click here to see when the next Discover is.