Our team is made up of parents who have children involved in our Kids Ministries along with men, women, and teens who feel that God has called them to work with kids.

All of our volunteers are members of, or regularly attend, Horizons Church.  Further, all volunteers must complete an application and pass a thorough background check.

We place the highest priority on loving each child and ensuring each child’s physical, emotional, and spiritual safety.


Ages 0-3

Our Nursery is a safe, warm and loving place for you and your infant or toddler.  We understand that when you leave your young one in our care, you are trusting us with your most treasured possession, and we do not take that responsibility lightly.
The purpose of our Nursery is to provide you with peace of mind while you are away from your child, and to give your child a positive first impression of God and church.  We believe that children are one of God’s greatest gifts, and we strive to provide the same love and care that you give at home.
We want every boy and girl to go home feeling special, safe, and loved.
Serving in the Nursery Ministry involves assisting and caring for babies and toddlers during the Sunday service and special events.  Team members are provided training and are placed on a rotational schedule.


Age 4- Kindergarten

Our Preschool Class is designed to accommodate the multi-sensory learning styles of young children.  We know that most 3-5 year-olds do not thrive on sitting still and listening to us talk for long periods of time.  Each week, our Preschool kids have an opportunity to experience God’s Word through songs, crafts, games, puppets, stories, and hands-on activities.
We want every child to go home knowing that everyone matters to God, and that He wants to be our closest friend.
Serving in the Preschool involves helping kids to learn each week’s lesson, making crafts, and playing games.  Class meets during the Sunday service.  Team Members are provided training and placed on a rotational schedule.

Kids Church

Grades 1-6

God is exciting and creative, and church should be too!
Our Kids Church exists to show kids that a friendship with Jesus makes life more fun and meaningful.  We help kids learn to make God a part of every day, instead of just on Sundays.
Each week, elementary-aged students have an opportunity to interact with other kids in a fun, competitive team environment.  They also spend time with each other in a small group discussion time.
We want all kids to go home challenged to let God change their lives and committed to making a difference in their world.
Serving in Kids Church involves crowd control, leading a small group discussion, and building relationships with the kids.  Team Members are provided training and are placed on a rotational schedule.

Special Events Childcare


Provide childcare for special events like Parents Night Out, classes and meetings.  Training is provided and team members are scheduled as needed.  A criminal background check is mandatory.


Please fill out the form below if you are interested in serving in Kids Ministry below and someone will be in contact with you within 72 hours.

Kids Ministry:
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