How to Read your Bible

The Bible


The Bible can be a little intimidating for a new Christian. Please know that it is a wonderful book that contains words of transformation and life. If you are wanting to know more about God and His heart, thoughts, and desires for you, reading the Bible is your next step.You can begin reading today by downloading the YouVersion Bible app for free.

Start Reading the Bible Today

We would like to encourage you with a couple of helpful tips:



Find a version that you like. 

At Horizons, we use the New International Version and the New American Standard.  You can also try The Message for a contemporary take on the scriptures.  There are many choices, and it is a great idea to check out a passage in more than one translation.


Find a Bible with “helps.”

There are many great study Bibles that provide explanations, devotionals, and commentaries as you read.  Whether you are reading something for the first time or the fiftieth, these helps can help you better understand what you are reading.


Find a time that works for you. 

As with any habit you try to form, consistency is key.  It is very important that you schedule time for reading your Bible.


Find a reading plan. 

There are many devotional books or Read-the-Bible-in-a-Year study guides available at any Christian bookstore or at various Christian websites (ex.,


Find a study group. 

Many people enjoy reading with others.  Find a group or individual that become a help for you.


Find a place to read. 

Find a comfortable place with no distractions.  Sometimes that means leaving your home or workplace to find solace.


Start with the book of John. 

The book of John will provide you with an excellent account of the life of Jesus, and it will provide you with many great scriptures that will serve as a foundation for your life in Christ.