Life Groups are interest based groups focused on community and spiritual growth. If you have any questions about a specific group, or would like to get more information, you can contact the group leader directly.

Childcare Provided

Blended Family: Marriage (Life)

Led by: Mike & Nancy Mulroy

Focus is on a healthy remarriages from Biblical perspective.

Meets: Berkshire, every other Friday at 6-8 PM

MOPS & Moms Next (Life)

Led by: Melissa Steckmann & Cheryl Gray

Provides support and encouragement to moms.

Meets: Horizons Church, 1st and 3rd Thursday’s at 6-8 PM

Young Adults (Life)

Led by: Steven & Amber Mitre

Pursuing God’s purpose for your life

Meets: Park Ridge, 1st & 3rd Fridays at 6-8 PM, last Saturday of the month (TBD)

Friday Group (Life)

Led by: Jon & Sarah Rumfelt

Worship and prayer are incorporated with the discussion.

Meets: Park Ridge, every other Friday, 7 PM

Thursday App Group

Led By: Danny & Becky Glendinning

The evening begins with dinner then has a time for fellowship, prayer, and discussion.

Meets: Oakridge Point, Thursdays at 6 PM

Childcare Not Provided

"Sacred Secrets" (Life)

Led by: Patty Robertson & Tracey Murtha

In a world obsessed with sensationalism, not all hidden things are poisonous and dark. Some secrets are forgiven, some are covered, and some are kept between you and God. 5-session study; journal can be purchased online through Lifeway. 

Meets: Austin Ridge, Thursday at 7 PM

Men's Basketball (Life)

Led by: Pastor Barry Clark

Work off some steam and enjoy some fellowship.

Meets: Horizons Church, Monday at 5:30 PM

"She's Got Issues" (Life)

Led by: Karleen Valentine

You do the right things (well, most of the time), but you just don’t feel changed by your faith.   

Meets: Off 610, Wednesday at 10 AM

Wednesday App Group

Led by: Ben Garnett

Fellowship, discussion and periodic game nights. 

Meets: Poplar Rd., Wednesday at 6:30 PM

Men's Breakfast (Life)

Led by: Clayton Lippart

Begin each weekend affirming who you are in Christ through the promises of Romans 8 and developing the man who God wants you to be as we study what it means to “Be a Golly Man,” with Joby Martin.

Meets: Horizons Church, Saturday at 8 AM

Gifts of the Spirit (Life)

Led by: Jim & Edie Kawchack

Learn how the Spirit speaks through us and what your gifts mean.

Meets: Park Ridge, Friday at 7 PM

Wednesday App Group

Led by: John & Jen Kenney

Fellowship, discussions, and periodic game nights!

Meets: Shelton’s Run, Wednesday at 6:30 PM

*No Childcare

Closed Groups

Edward Eastham

Meets: Vikki Sapp’s Home, Thursday at 6:30-9 PM

*No Childcare

Gustavo & Luisa Gschwind

Meets: Barrett Heights

Jay & Natalie Coisman

Meets: Kellogg Mill, Sunday at 5:30 PM
Email: ;

*Childcare Provided

David & Laurel Henderson

Meets: Shelton Woods, Wednesday at 6:30 PM

*No Childcare

Roy and Sherry Schippman

Meets: Courthouse Rd., Thursday at 7 PM

*Childcare Provided