Arms Outstretched Ministry

 Share the love of Jesus throughout our community through acts of compassion. Volunteers will help serve a meal and lead a time of worship for homeless and at-risk families in the surrounding areas.

Led by: Michelle Humphries


Head Start

A way to give back to the parents who are completing the process of earning their GED. The school offers family nights so that parents can enjoy a meal and activity with their children to break up the weeks of work they go through to earn their diploma. Horizons Church brings in a meal and serves these families to help encourage them.

Led by: Jen Kenney


McKendree Manor

McKendree Manor is a subsidized housing development for the elderly and mobility impaired. Quarterly, paper products are brought to bless McKendree Manor, so we are always collecting paper towels, toilet paper, paper plates, and tissues, as these items cannot be purchased with food stamps.

Led by: David Emmith



 Stafford County’s local food bank. Food donations are welcomed all year long, as SERVE gives out around 10 tons of a food a week.

Led by: Deb Perry


Thurman Brisben

Once a month, we have a team that works together to cook and serve a meal to those living temporarily at the Brisben Center.

Led by: Trisha Frye


Jill's House

Jill’s House provides a weekend of fun for kids with intellectual disabilities while giving their parents a chance to enjoy some rest. You will be partnered with a child to hang out with for the weekend. Your only job is to help them have fun and to model the love of Jesus!

Led by: Nora Horvet



Compassion Restoration

Car Care Team repairs and cleans up donated vehicles. Once the vehicles are in good shape, they are given to families in need in our community. Volunteers will help with simple tasks, based on ability.



Stafford Junction

Stafford Junction serves high-need children, youth, and their families residing in Stafford County. Volunteers will help plant some flowers and do some simple landscaping outside their facility.

Led by: Maria Lippart



Christian Brothers & Sisters Transition Program

Walking side-by-side with the incarcerated and with them upon their release, we remind them of the promises that our LORD and Savior has made to deliver them. Many of us have preceded them on this arduous journey. We serve as living testaments to our LORD’s faithfulness to deliver them. He delivered us, He will deliver them!

Led by: Jerry DePasquale