Student Ministry

Our student ministry here at Horizons is made up of students ranging from 6th grade to 12th grade. We meet at the church every Sunday night from 5:30-8pm.


The EDGE is our middle and high school student ministry. It stands for Engage-Disciple-Grow-Evangelize–four of the foundations of this ministry. We engage the students by actively seeking interaction with them, both at youth group and outside of church. We disciple students through our core groups– specific sets of students chosen by each leader for the purpose of making sure each receives individual attention. We grow students through core groups as well, but also through small group time on Sunday evening; we partner with the students to evangelize to their peers. It takes a commitment of our time and energy, and requires a willingness to learn and grow ourselves, but the end result is that we see lives changed and send the students out equipped to live for Christ in a constantly changing world.


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