Watch: Raise the Bar





As a high jumper as you approach the takeoff point, your gaze should be focused above the bar. If you are looking at your feet, you cannot jump high. If you look at the bar, you will fly into it. Great high jumpers are all looking up and over the bar, this of course match their intentions and their goal. The current world record is 8.046 feet but I know there is someone out there who is raising the bar higher.  As Christians, we are consistently called to Raise the Bar of living according to our beliefs.

Week 1:What is the Goal?

11/04/2018 • Rich Pennington

Week 2:Count the Cost

11/11/2018 • Rich Pennington

Week 3: More

11/18/2018 • Rich Pennington

Week 4: Radical Gratitude

11/25/2018 • Rich Pennington